Get from the Airport to the Hotel with a Limo or Some Other Type of Hotel Transfer from South Cross Limousines Cairns

Whether you are on a business trip to the Cairns area or are flying in for an extended family vacation, having an easy way to get to the hotel is a must. Even if you intend to rent a car, it’s nice not to deal with that side of things immediately after landing at the airport. You have enough on your mind after getting off a plane, from collecting your luggage to determining where you need to go, that dealing with a rental car often only adds stress and confusion to your plate. At South Cross Limousines, we simplify matters by offering convenient airport to hotel transfers.

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Why Choose Our Hotel Transfers?

Even if you live in the Cairns area, it’s usually better to pay for a transfer to and from the airport than it is to drive yourself. Parking at the airport is expensive—especially for longer trips—and not having to worry about your car when you are gone will be a big weight off your shoulders. For these reasons, South Cross Limousines offers airport transfers to locals as well as to visitors.

With that said, our airport transfers tend to be most popular among travellers—and for a good reason. Our drivers are qualified, well trained, extremely friendly and exceedingly helpful. No matter where you need to go, we can get you there from the airport. Instead of trying to figure out the GPS on your phone after you land, so that you can find your hotel, just give the location to our driver, and we will get you where you need to go.

Our hotel transfers are flexible to accommodate your needs. If your hotel is located locally here in Cairns, we can get you there quickly and at an affordable rate. However, while we are based in Cairns, we can also provide airport to hotel transfers to other nearby areas as well, such as Palm Cove, Port Douglas and Mission Beach. We are also very transparent about our rates, to help you plan a budget for your trip. To learn more about what kind of pricing you might expect, visit the rates page on our website. There, you’ll be able to tell how much you would pay for a hotel limo in Cairns, versus a people mover or a luxury sedan.

Book Your Post Flight Transportation Today

Especially if you are making your first visit to the Cairns area, it can be extremely helpful to hire a hotel limo in Cairns (or some other form of transfer) to get to your hotel. Not having to worry about renting a car or flagging a cab after you get off your flight will allow you to focus on the purpose behind your trip, whether it’s a business trip, a family vacation, or a honeymoon. To book your transport today, contact us at South Cross Limousines today.