Cairns- A Magical Escapade!

Things to do in Cairns and Port Douglas with a limousine?
23 November 2016
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23 November 2016

Cairns Limousine hire

With the emergence of the tourism industry, many countries are now developing their natural resources to give a boost to their economy. Australia is one of those countries that are emerging as an important tourist spot. Australia has many cities that are desirable for a tourist with Cairns being one of the most beautiful places not only for tourists, but also for residents. Southern Cross Limousines offers luxury limousines hire services for all types of events and personal transfers.

Considered as a gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, it has not only mountainous rainforests, but also lagoons for swimming. The tropical climate adds to the appeal of the city. There are numerous things for a person to do in Cairns. From stunning beaches to stunning hinterland, the city is lined with a list of natural spots. Along with this, the night life of Cairns is also eventful due to a number of restaurants providing exquisite cuisines.

One of the main attractions of Cairns is clearly the Great Barrier Reef. Having an access to this wonder of the world puts this spot at the top of the list amongst others. It is the world’s largest coral reef system and apart from the beauty that this area provides, a number of activities are also provided such as snorkeling and diving giving tourist’s all the more reason to visit it.

Mixed in this tropical climate of Cairns is a highland with cooler temperatures called the Atherton Tableland. It not only has beautiful climate, but it has many natural resources to ensure your visit is memorable. Some of the many things that it has are breathtaking waterfalls, coffee plantation, national parks and tropical fruit farms.

Being a city with countless rainforests, most of the activities revolve around them, such as the Kuranda scenic railway. This includes the skyway cable ride which takes the visitors on a tour around the listed rainforests followed by a train ride to give you a view of the top of the forests along with taking you into the depths of it. The rainforest walks is an experience which is exhilarating and a must try for anyone who visits Cairns.
Keeping aside the natural beauty that this wonderful city is filled with, the shopping experience is something that people sing praises of. This includes the Friday Night Market at Palm Cove where you can shop for jewelry to skin care products to even fresh fruits. The coffee culture boom in Cairns has led to numerous cafés opening up providing you with the best coffees along with good food and wine to make your evening out worthwhile.
If Cairns is not on your bucket list, then it should be because it has to die for places to visit and experience. Whether it is fishing in Lake Tinaroo, or exploring the island of Fitzroy Island, Cairns caters to fun activities for children and adults both. It also has activities for people with different interests such as the adventurous snorkeling and diving activities or exploring the history of Cairns in Atherton Tableland.
The beauty of this place cannot be put it into words and it is better to experience the tropical climate, rainforests, and lagoons of this city personally. It will surely turn into one of the best trips of your life with memories to cherish forever.